Wednesday, July 29, 2009

YouTube (with Clip)

YouTube is a website that I access on a daily basis, not only for pure entertainment and curiosity, but also for educational purposes. I must admit, when I have been asked to do assignments or plan lessons where it says to incorporate ICTs, the first thing I think of is, ‘I can add the use of Youtube clips into my lessons.’ This was practically one of the only ICTs I often considered to use in the past because of its wide variety of different clips that can be found on so many different topics and be appealing to all ages. However after working my way through this course, I have now learnt the benefits and possibilities of so many different technologies. I have been able to significantly think about the many different technologies (ICTs), their uses and benefits and how to incorporate them into future practical classroom experiences.

The clip I have decided to include in this blog is one that I have previously utilised for a Science unit of work using the 5Es Investigation Model (Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate and Evaluate). (Primary Connections, 2008). The background details of the unit are as follows:

Scientific Concept/Topic: The Water Cycle (and the use/conservation of water)
Grade: 2
Time Frame/Unit Length: 7 lessons
CLO: Earth and Beyond 1.1 – Students identify and describe obvious features of the Earth and sky. (Queensland Studies Authority, 1999).
Relevant Essential Learnings by the end of grade 3: Earth and Beyond
- Earth and space experience recurring patterns and natural cycles of events, including season, weather and moon phases and these can affect living things. (Queensland Studies Authority, 2008, p. 2).
- Materials of Earth can be used in various ways. (Queensland Studies Authority, 2008, p. 2).

The YouTube clip planned to be used in this unit is a simple clip that has a catchy tune and sings the process of the water cycle.

The clip is useful in relations to this specific unit because it offers a way to help students remember the terminology and the process/order of the water cycle through song and a visual means. The clip itself has the words fly in and out, turn around and change numerous times to show the lyrics of what is being sung. The students are also able to see the spelling of the words through having the lyrics appear as the song plays. (After listening to this clip a few times, this tune that was stuck in my head!)

I see YouTube and TeacherTube as very practical sites that have so much to offer in regards to educational content. I do believe that students in schools should not be let to their own devices on YouTube as there are so many clips that have no place in the classroom. Therefore, I believe it is the responsibility of the teacher to find suitable clips to share with students relating to lesson topics, instead of students looking for ones themselves.

By using other technology such as powerpoint, students could create clips to place on YouTube that can share what they are learning in class with the ‘outside world.’ After looking at many clips on YouTube, there are already so many clips that have been clearly made by students (such as beginner clay animations, etc). Creating a project where students could create a clip that the teacher can place on YouTube, could prove to be a great way to engage students with the content, create a hands on approach to what they are learning and giving students a permanent reminder of what they did and learnt by making available to them on the internet.


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  1. Hi Jill!
    What a catchy song! I only watched it once and now have the tune in my head. I haven't yet used YouTube for much, but I didn't even know that TeacherTube existed until last week!
    I was thinking that this type of activity fits in perfectly with Dimensions of Learning, Dimension Two - Acquire and Integrate Knowledge - Store Declarative Knowledge. Number Five states "provide students with mnemonics for important information."
    Always linking something to DoL!

  2. Yes, i agree with it fitting well with DoL! If there is a fun way for students to remember something (through song/mnemonics) then I think they should be included more in lessons! I am all for songs and fun ways for students to remember information that may seem 'boring' if it is just spoken by the teacher. Through YouTube clips, etc, we can engage students better!