Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Oliver's ICT learning design model

I found on the internet, a great visual representation of Oliver's ICT learning model that has clarified to me what it really is. I thought that I would post it on my blog for others to be able to see and understand.

"This project focuses on learning designs implemented with the use of Information and Communication Technologies. Oliver (1999) argues that a learning design comprises the following key elements:
  • Tasks that learners are required to do.
  • Resources that support learners to conduct the task.
  • Support mechanisms that exist from a teacher implementing it." (AUTC, 2003).
Based on Oliver, R. (1999). Exploring strategies for online teaching and learning. Distance Education, 20(2), 240-254.


AUTC. (2003). Learning Design. Retrieved July 30, 2009, from


  1. Thanks for sharing Jill! I too was not quite sure of this theory, but this has helped 'straighten a few things out'!
    As teachers, we need to remember that we are all in the same boat, so wouldn't it be great if we could all help each other -and you have!

  2. Hi Jill, thanks for the lead.

    I had'nt touched on this theory as much as some other learning frameworks, and was about to source some more info on it.

    My 11 month old son is called Oliver. I had considered blogging about his learning theory, which is: 'if it sings, toots, squeaks, has wheels, and I can rub food all over it - then I'm engaged!'


  3. No problems! I was a bit uncertain about the conceptual frameworks that have been focused upon for mananging e learning. After speaking with Scott and finding out that this was one of them, I thought that others might find it useful to be able to see and read it, and therefore understand it better. Having it in a graphic organiser made it so much easier for me to read and understand how it all linked and worked together.