Saturday, July 25, 2009

Flikr photo test

'The Mammoth'
Originally uploaded by Jillie89

This is a test blog to see if I can successfully add a photo onto my blog from my Flikr account. This picture is of my friends and myself at the start of the year at Wet N Wild on 'The Mammoth'. This 'lovely' picture was taken during our ride and because it was such an awesome picture, we all got a copy to remind us about that specific ride and to laugh about it all over again!

Flikr - What a great site to store and share digital photos online! From playing around with the site, I found it user friendly and really fast to upload photos. On many other sites that I have tried to upload photos onto, I end up sitting there waiting for a long period of time. It didn’t take me long to work out how to set up a link between my Flickr account and my blog and found it quite straight forward to successfully put a photo onto my blog. In the information in ‘An Introduction to Teachers’ Delivery Technologies’, it described that students would be able to upload and use images also. (CQUni, 2009).

This site would be useful to create an account that all students in a class could access. The teacher and students could take pictures of different events and activities that the class participates in and upload these photos on the site. The students themselves could then label the pictures, write descriptions of what is happening in the pictures and show the photos to parents and other teachers, etc, ultimately sharing the different learning experiences that have been captured in the pictures. This would be a great way to store the photos in once central location that is readily accessible with internet access. It would initially work as an online photo album of the class events throughout a year that students can access both during the year and also in future years.


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