Saturday, August 15, 2009

Integrating Technology, Higher-Order Thinking, and Student-Centered Learning

I came across on SlideShare a great presentation titled: Integrating Technology, Higher Order Thinking and Student Centered Learning. Through studying this course for the past 7 weeks, it has amazed me how technology helps us to engage, interest, facilitate and help our students develop higher order thinking and creative thinking skills. This sideshow has great definitions, images, diagrams, links and, questions and activities! Feel free to take a look.


Adams, D. (2009). SlideShare - Integrating Technology, Higher-Order Thinking and Student Centered Learning. Retrieved on August 16, 2009, from


  1. Hi Jill

    This is a wonderful reference tool when aiming to develop students' higher-order thinking skills! I am currently on placement and the new emphasis being placed on developing these DoL 3 (extend and refine) skills is quite significant. I have had a look at this PPT and am very keen to combine both the skills we have learnt via this assessment and the higher-order thinking skills that can be developed by using such technologies.



  2. Hi Ladies,
    I totally agree, This presentation is fantastic.