Saturday, August 8, 2009

File Storage (MediaFire)

“Online file storage and sharing allows for easy access to your data in away that benefits you the most.” (Pro Softnet Corporation, 2009). MediaFire (2009) is an online file storage/hosting program that is freely accessible to all people who have access to the internet. “Thanks to a growing range of services, it's now possible to keep all your personal digital information in the Internet "cloud", as they're calling it these days. Everything from documents and e-mails to photos and music can be stored -- often for free.” (Grayson, 2008). One of the benefits of MediaFire is that “you can also set certain folders to be accessible by friends, while keeping others personal.” (Grayson, 2008).

I have uploaded onto MediaFire, a document that I created as part of one of my assessments in Science Curriculum and Pedagogy. As I mentioned in my YouTube blog, the unit was based on the Water Cycle and Water as a resource. This shared file, was a handout that went with the assignment and provided information for a teacher teaching this unit that they would need to know as well as the information displayed in a more basic way for the target audience (grade 2 level). The link to this specfiic file is below.

Personally, I did not like this site to begin with. Many of the pages that I was directed to had advertisements on it and some were very sexualised. I don’t think that I would be sending my students to this site to access any sorts of uploaded files that I want them to view. I investigated how to actually get rid of the ads and it required paying and upgrading to MediaPro. However, overlooking that, I can see how this program would still be very useful. I know that I am very pedantic about backing up my important documents and files that are on my computer. This program can be used as another place to store our important documents. So even if our computer or laptop decides to die and we lose all our files on it, we would at least have the most important ones backed up and available to us online. “The benefits of storing your digital life this way are considerable. You're no longer tied to a particular computer or location, and you can access your data from any Internet-connected device.” (Grayson, 2008). By storing specific documents on MediaFire would also prove helpful being a teacher. If there are documents that you wish to use or share with students, however they are mostly stored or used on your personal computer/laptop, by also storing them on your personal MediaFire account enables you to access them at a computer at school that has internet access.


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