Sunday, August 16, 2009

Everything old is new again for internet-weary young adults

I came across this article on a news website. I found it interesting to read and I was wondering if anyone had any specific thoughts or opinions about it. If you do, feel free to comment! Thanks heaps!,28348,25779367-5014239,00.html

REFERENCE (2009). Everything old is new again for internet-weary young adults. Retrieved on August 15, 2009, from,28348,25779367-5014239,00.html


  1. Hi Jillian,

    Interesting article that you have found there. Certainly suprising too. As a 'young adult' myself (only just, soon to graduate to the next level of adulthoodness), I have experienced a rapid changed and advancement in communication and entertainment devices in my life. I remember the first ever tv remote control that I saw, it was connect to the tv through a long cord and plug; not wuite what we know remote controls as nowadays is it?

    In the 80's my idea of fun and unusual communication was through the use of a two way radio system on the farms.

    We had a commodore 64. Now I've got an ipod, a mobile phone that drives me bonkers, a note book and a pc that is a slug (after barely more then 6 months of use) and so forth. Everything is so in your face now days (well for me anyway), things get out dated so quickly that you need to spend more dosh to upgrade; just think of the mobile phone. The CDMA net work was brilliant where I lived (north of Gympie) and then they phased that out in favour of the next G stuff that struggles in my current Brisbane suburb.

    A breather would be a good thing. Sometime out from the rush in our homes and personal space.

    What do you feel about the article Jillian?

    Thanks for posting the link by the way.

    Cheers, Megan.

  2. I prefer face to face communication over technology communication anyday, however I would not be able to survive without it! I know the communication I have with people in my uni courses (away from face to face tutorials) is majorily through facebook, email, msn chats or text, and this definitely makes life a lot easier when working in group situations.

    One statement in the article, "they want technology to assist rather than dominate the way they communicate" i agree with to an extent. There is no doubt that without technology I would struggle because I have gotten used to it over the years and it has become such a large part of our lives. However if everything went back to basics (or like it was 10/15 years ago), I believe that we would all adapt again, like we have done with ever changing technology today.

    Maybe uni assignments would be a lot shorter because we wouldn't have the technology (computers) to chop and change such lengthy documents that our assignments end up being when we submit them?!

  3. 10 years ago I was at uni and believe me the assignments weren't any shorter. Infact I believe that they were more complicated, especially (and as an external student 3 hours away from a decent library) when it came to finding resources, as the internet was far less developed and journals were out of reach.

    15 years ago- internet access was a hideous price and dial up... And I'm only 29... ;)